7 Trends in Content Marketing: 2017


For Year 2016 there just a matter of days remaining and now it is time to try and look into the future to see what trends and changes are anticipated in the business. In particular the content marketing that we have already clearly discerned on the trends, must know that every worker of the Internet space.

It seems that 2017 will bring the first mix of the new trends and changes, which was began in 2016, the year will continue its development. If you’re designing your SMM-strategy for the next year, take a moment and check whether it satisfies the seven major trends in progress.

1. Priority of mobile technology will become the norm

According to the forecast published on, the number of Smartphone users in the US in 2017 will amount to 468 752 000 for comparison. Five years ago, in 2010, there were only 62.6 million.

Until recently, the content on the websites, applications, and web development strategy is focused primarily on the needs of desktop users and mobile users are taken into account much less. In 2016, there was a noticeable change: many companies have started to give an advantage to mobile users. This shift was largely driven by a sharp increase in the number of owners of smart phones and tablets. People are more likely to visit sites from mobile devices, especially for:

  • Review on social media;
  • Access to news and entertainment;
  • Search for products and services, the study comments and feedback;
    research products and make purchases;
  • Use navigation applications;
  • Communicate with other users;
  • Video

In 2017, these trends will intensify, and site owners will simply have nowhere to go. Google has introduced a friendliness factor site to mobile devices in the list of priorities for search ranking. So concentrate on the creation of favorable conditions especially for smart phone users, and they will thank you (increasing your popularity and profits).

2. The user’s attention will shift from SEO towards social media.

User behavior is slowly but surely changing. Search engines are still in the lead as a tool for finding information about goods and services, but many people ignore the search engines and search for the desired information directly in social media.

There are two reasons. Firstly, consumers know that the search for social networking gives you more chances to find a visual content (such as photos or video product in action). Such content they trust much more than any bulk text descriptions.

The second reason: consumers love and appreciate feedback from other users. Again, social media will gather more feedback and comments, and most importantly, those feedbacks are more reliable than the customer reviews on the site.

Conclusion: should expand the scope of digital marketing strategies by finding the answer to the question “How does the user find information about us on Google?” In the direction of “How did he find us on Google and social media?”.

3. Facebook can play a leading role and the average age of users on this social network will increase.

Any statement that Facebook is losing relevance is absolutely false. While Facebook continues to add new features and to take measures to enhance the security, it is in the near future, it will remain the leading platform of social media. By the way, Facebook is one of the innovations was the cause of one of the SMM trend next year (more lately on this).

4. Digital-Marketing will develop new social media

As mentioned above, the audience of Facebook gets older and it is one of the factors why the promotion of goods and services is enhanced on other sites. However, this is not the only reason. Until recently, Snapchat and Instagram were seen as a means for user communication with each other and share personal content.

Instagram currently provides advertising opportunities for a wide range of brands, and Snapchat also becomes a great tool for branding. It is likely that in the coming year, marketers will be more courageous to get used to the new platforms.

5. Requirements of consumers for quality content will continue to grow

The more content the better the user expectations for quality and diversity. If you plan to act wisely, keep in mind that people prefer:

  • Videos and photos than plain text;
  • Informative and useful content than obvious advertising;
  • Own unique brand content than repost someone else’s.

Importantly, these preferences work for Business2Consumer and Business2Business.

6. “Virtual reality will change the approach to the user experience

Despite the fact that the “virtual reality” is started to appear on the market until the beginning of 2017, the possibility is already changing the marketing strategy for interactive content and engaging consumers.

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