The best off-road tours

Off-road tours from Las Vegas

The off-road tours are an escape from the daily routine and a perfect way of relax for those who prefer a less active recreation. Therewith, it is an opportunity to discover many new things and to explore places which are hard to reach for the majority. A kind of vacation like this is easy to organize independently, with one single condition – to have a suitable means of transport, properly equipped and durable, which will help to explore the most unreachable places. Also, not less important is to have a guide who will lead the journey and will make the vacation to be as special as possible. There are a lot of destinations and places for off-road tours. Below are several which are popular among fans of active holidays.

One of the best off-road tours is in Mali, a country from West Africa. It is a festival of Tuareg nomads. Within it, nomad ritual songs, dances, poems, fights are presented. The best way to get there is to buy a travel package from the festival’s organizer which includes traveling to the place with an off-road vehicle. The festival is organized yearly in January and its participants includes somewhere 6000 nomads and 800 tourists.
Off-road tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon are very popular. They allow to reach such places that cannot be reached by plane/helicopters. The tourists are offered comfortable jeeps with 10 places and experienced guides. The tour also includes visit to the most spectacular viewpoint, one of which is Quartermaster Point – one of the most majestic places on the western edge of the Canyon.
Karelia – another place to enjoy off-road tours. An exclusive tour through northern Ladoga it is an amazing opportunity for those who are fond of active relaxation. In Karelia 2 types of tours can be combined: jeep safaris towards the highest waterfall of the southern Karelia – “White Bridges” and river rafting with tempestuous water thresholds and waterfalls. Besides this extreme relaxation there are amazing beauties of northern Ladoga tourists can enjoy.
The Emirates can also offer an awesome jeep tour. Safaris in the Emirates can really be something unforgettable. Tough jeeps pick the tourist up from the hotels and begin their journey through the desert. Professional drivers know how to fill the tourist’s blood with adrenaline. The camp in the middle of the desert is meant to entertain tourists with national food and dances.
This way of active relaxation is not only a method of sloshing energy, but also a way of relaxing the mind from the daily routine. Only people that can value this can understand the positive effect it has. Off-road tours is a way of recharging your batteries, for admiring new places that usually are visited by not so many people. It gives the opportunity to see vast mountain sceneries, feel the breath of the nature, be on the border of the human being, and return back to civilization completely changed.