7 Trends in Content Marketing: 2017


For Year 2016 there just a matter of days remaining and now it is time to try and look into the future to see what trends and changes are anticipated in the business. In particular the content marketing that we have already clearly discerned on the trends, must know that every worker of the Internet space.

It seems that 2017 will bring the first mix of the new trends and changes, which was began in 2016, the year will continue its development. If you’re designing your SMM-strategy for the next year, take a moment and check whether it satisfies the seven major trends in progress.

1. Priority of mobile technology will become the norm

According to the forecast published on, the number of Smartphone users in the US in 2017 will amount to 468 752 000 for comparison. Five years ago, in 2010, there were only 62.6 million.

Until recently, the content on the websites, applications, and web development strategy is focused primarily on the needs of desktop users and mobile users are taken into account much less. In 2016, there was a noticeable change: many companies have started to give an advantage to mobile users. This shift was largely driven by a sharp increase in the number of owners of smart phones and tablets. People are more likely to visit sites from mobile devices, especially for:

  • Review on social media;
  • Access to news and entertainment;
  • Search for products and services, the study comments and feedback;
    research products and make purchases;
  • Use navigation applications;
  • Communicate with other users;
  • Video

In 2017, these trends will intensify, and site owners will simply have nowhere to go. Google has introduced a friendliness factor site to mobile devices in the list of priorities for search ranking. So concentrate on the creation of favorable conditions especially for smart phone users, and they will thank you (increasing your popularity and profits).

2. The user’s attention will shift from SEO towards social media.

User behavior is slowly but surely changing. Search engines are still in the lead as a tool for finding information about goods and services, but many people ignore the search engines and search for the desired information directly in social media.

There are two reasons. Firstly, consumers know that the search for social networking gives you more chances to find a visual content (such as photos or video product in action). Such content they trust much more than any bulk text descriptions.

The second reason: consumers love and appreciate feedback from other users. Again, social media will gather more feedback and comments, and most importantly, those feedbacks are more reliable than the customer reviews on the site.

Conclusion: should expand the scope of digital marketing strategies by finding the answer to the question “How does the user find information about us on Google?” In the direction of “How did he find us on Google and social media?”.

3. Facebook can play a leading role and the average age of users on this social network will increase.

Any statement that Facebook is losing relevance is absolutely false. While Facebook continues to add new features and to take measures to enhance the security, it is in the near future, it will remain the leading platform of social media. By the way, Facebook is one of the innovations was the cause of one of the SMM trend next year (more lately on this).

4. Digital-Marketing will develop new social media

As mentioned above, the audience of Facebook gets older and it is one of the factors why the promotion of goods and services is enhanced on other sites. However, this is not the only reason. Until recently, Snapchat and Instagram were seen as a means for user communication with each other and share personal content.

Instagram currently provides advertising opportunities for a wide range of brands, and Snapchat also becomes a great tool for branding. It is likely that in the coming year, marketers will be more courageous to get used to the new platforms.

5. Requirements of consumers for quality content will continue to grow

The more content the better the user expectations for quality and diversity. If you plan to act wisely, keep in mind that people prefer:

  • Videos and photos than plain text;
  • Informative and useful content than obvious advertising;
  • Own unique brand content than repost someone else’s.

Importantly, these preferences work for Business2Consumer and Business2Business.

6. “Virtual reality will change the approach to the user experience

Despite the fact that the “virtual reality” is started to appear on the market until the beginning of 2017, the possibility is already changing the marketing strategy for interactive content and engaging consumers.

The best off-road tours

Off-road tours from Las Vegas

The off-road tours are an escape from the daily routine and a perfect way of relax for those who prefer a less active recreation. Therewith, it is an opportunity to discover many new things and to explore places which are hard to reach for the majority. A kind of vacation like this is easy to organize independently, with one single condition – to have a suitable means of transport, properly equipped and durable, which will help to explore the most unreachable places. Also, not less important is to have a guide who will lead the journey and will make the vacation to be as special as possible. There are a lot of destinations and places for off-road tours. Below are several which are popular among fans of active holidays.

One of the best off-road tours is in Mali, a country from West Africa. It is a festival of Tuareg nomads. Within it, nomad ritual songs, dances, poems, fights are presented. The best way to get there is to buy a travel package from the festival’s organizer which includes traveling to the place with an off-road vehicle. The festival is organized yearly in January and its participants includes somewhere 6000 nomads and 800 tourists.
Off-road tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon are very popular. They allow to reach such places that cannot be reached by plane/helicopters. The tourists are offered comfortable jeeps with 10 places and experienced guides. The tour also includes visit to the most spectacular viewpoint, one of which is Quartermaster Point – one of the most majestic places on the western edge of the Canyon.
Karelia – another place to enjoy off-road tours. An exclusive tour through northern Ladoga it is an amazing opportunity for those who are fond of active relaxation. In Karelia 2 types of tours can be combined: jeep safaris towards the highest waterfall of the southern Karelia – “White Bridges” and river rafting with tempestuous water thresholds and waterfalls. Besides this extreme relaxation there are amazing beauties of northern Ladoga tourists can enjoy.
The Emirates can also offer an awesome jeep tour. Safaris in the Emirates can really be something unforgettable. Tough jeeps pick the tourist up from the hotels and begin their journey through the desert. Professional drivers know how to fill the tourist’s blood with adrenaline. The camp in the middle of the desert is meant to entertain tourists with national food and dances.
This way of active relaxation is not only a method of sloshing energy, but also a way of relaxing the mind from the daily routine. Only people that can value this can understand the positive effect it has. Off-road tours is a way of recharging your batteries, for admiring new places that usually are visited by not so many people. It gives the opportunity to see vast mountain sceneries, feel the breath of the nature, be on the border of the human being, and return back to civilization completely changed.








Carpet Cleaning Richmond

In general, the easiest option to quickly and efficiently bring cleanliness is to invite professional cleaners and cleaners from the Carpet Cleaning Richmond. Of course, if you allow the family budget. But what if now you do not have such an opportunity and live in a retracted home like? Then you have to learn a few lessons of quick cleaning of the apartment by some Professionals.They know how to do it quickly and correctly. Here are some tips:

Plan pre-cleaning of the apartment

Professional cleaning pre-plans all your work. Learn also to get out on a pre-planned schedule on a weekly basis, try to keep within the allotted time and not to give up work at half.

 Motivate yourself to result

Professional cleaners are not distracted by watching the next series. You also need to minimize distractions. Try to motivate yourself for an early implementation of the work. Turn energetic music to listen while cleaning the house. Command cleaning with family members or friends will also help you to stay in shape and reduce the routine process.

 Right gird for a complete success

To harvest process, it requires more efficient clothes in which you should be comfortable and of course, easy to wash in a washing machine. Take care of and comfortable shoes. When working with cleaning agents, use gloves. If you want to take care of and protect the eye. Generally, prepare your uniforms for cleaning; it is a comfortable set of clothes and accessories.

 Pick the right tools for cleaning

Professionals never used cleaning gadgets of television advertising. Do not use cheap disposable; cleaning products is purchased to the nearest supermarket. Buy high-quality sponge, cloth napkins and reusable, they make it easy to wash. Invest in a reliable tools, mops, brushes, etc. They speed up the cleaning process.

During the cleaning of the apartment have all the means and tools at hand. Especially if you have a big apartment or a house.

 Use simple cleaners

Do you know why professionals manage to carry all tools with you? They use quite simple means and devices. They have always with you:

  • Cleaner for glass surfaces (or multifunctional)
  • Cleaner to remove grease
  • Cleaner for ceramic surfaces
  • Abrasive scouring powder

These four agents can cope with any kind of cleaning. Follow the example of professional cleaners that saves money and time.

During cleaning professionals do not attend the same room twice. Located beside the sink in the bathroom, they immediately will rub the mirror, polish, plastic and chrome surfaces, clean the sink, i.e., do everything that can be done while standing on this particular site. So do not expend your energy on unnecessary movement that optimizes their travel in time cleaning the apartment.

Two hands are better than one

Professionals working with both hands, we are usually with one. Get used to use both. For example, one hand spray cleaning spray on the mirror and the other immediately wipe. Wash the surface with both hands. Wipe the dust, using one hand cloth for dust collection and the other ,a rag for surface polishing (which is well glides on smooth surfaces)using it after the first.


15 Fresh Ideas For A Kitchen


Each season gives fresh ideas and approaches to planning and décor to all fans of interior design which can be implemented today within your home. Some adaptations require serious work and tangible costs and some on the other hand are easy to implement and will not affect your budget. The interior of the kitchen dining table can be decided to replace a full lounge area that is highly non-trivial approach. It is noted by Interior Design consultants that capacity of dining area is one of the main requirements of customers.

To refurbish the interior of the kitchen with the help of one of the walls that is pasted with bright wallpaper, choose a special, durable, easily washable and fashionable design. The industrial style is very relevant today; perhaps it will make a fresh mood in your kitchen decor.

Worktop for the kitchen table does not have to be made of wood or granite, give vent to imagination and creativity and pay attention to the other materials.

Country houses with high ceilings are not always necessary to hide because the exposed beams and floors can look very stylish.

Change the color palette according to your mood in a moment change, even if all the old pieces of furniture will remain in the house. That is why it is useful sometimes to add at least some bright accents, and, perhaps, change the color completely.

The largest area is occupied in the kitchen cupboards and shelves; sometimes it’s a set, sometimes, a set of different objects. In any case, this particular painting furniture is most obviously changes the entire interior as a whole, looks good not only with a color but also from a combination of two colors.

Tile is one of the most practical finishing materials for use in high humidity areas such as kitchens. But do not be limited to the classic square tiles because today the choice is huge, you can pick up even very original samples.

If we talk about the convenience and durability, it is unlikely that anything could be better than the kitchen furniture made to order. We do not often use in interior kitchen crystal chandeliers, fact is not always practical and appropriate but sometimes small lovely chandeliers can look very stylish and cool it within the kitchen area.

Storage Organization is perhaps the primary objective when creating a kitchen. Try to review your device drawers and shelves perhaps it is time to replace them with more compact and at the same time more space.

Here’s another piece of furniture which has already become a classic interior design and it should be noted deservedly so. This kitchen island is practical, stylish and functional. It is important to assess whether your kitchen allows you to install such an impressive area of the subject but if there is space and then consider this option.


Effective Tips to Clean the House for Homemaker

Young woman washing windows

The woman is a homemaker. In today’s world, such a stereotype has been increasingly questioned and criticized. Most business woman simply hires vacuum cleaner but there were also those who by reason of his financial condition or simply of its own motion continues to preserve the comfort of home but it does not follow in everyday activities that women should forget about his beloved. If desired, you can always find effective and helpful tips that will help you in performing household chores.

Most people associated with the cleaning routine, fatigue and hard work but in reality, there are a few simple tips on cleaning the apartment or house that will improve and facilitate the process of restoring order and cleanliness in the house and most importantly to change your inner attitude towards cleaning process.

The main reason for the negative attitude to the cleaning of the apartment is the wrong internal motivation or even a complete lack of motivation. Often, much of the work of cleaning the apartment carries only one person but the mess in the apartment creates a whole family. Furthermore, as there was no time to bring everything in order and next day, the landlady finds a new field of operations for cleaning because the mess is created as if by itself but the procedure is necessary to carefully direct just to make own considerable efforts and work.

Try to understand how to properly carry out cleaning of the apartment or house, what the rules of the Carpet cleaning in burnaby are and most importantly, how to make a nice clean apartments.

To achieve a sterile cleanliness in the house where they live a few households that uses the toilet, bathroom and kitchen especially if you have a child or more children. However, if we take the habit of doing regular cleaning without creating cleaning hard work once a month or quarter and if the whole family to teach clean up after themselves to achieve cleanliness and comfort in the house will be much easier.

For example, do the cleaning in the kitchen which were removed (cleaned the sink, washed the plate, wiped tiles) two or three days ago, it takes much less time than cleaning the kitchen, stove, sink and tiles which were cleaned in a month ago.

Three kinds of purity guidance

Express cleaning does not give the easy way to handle disorder which develops into a serious problem. For example, after preparation of the meal on the plate remained somewhat greasy stains. They are barely noticeable and do not interfere with anyone. However, if immediately wipe them with a sponge, a plate will be clean but if every day ignores the dirty plate then a multi-layer cake with burnt-on created which will have to spend a large amount of cleaning and general cleaning clock.

With immediate cleaning, you will immediately get rid of the current dirt. If this is not done, it will accumulate over time and in the best case prevent you live and at worst case, to make it to the surrounding clutter so that you and your household will be considered this disorder that is quite normal and natural.

Current events are held regularly at the time but not necessarily to hold them on a daily basis. You can create a schedule for their implementation. For example, to clean the sink in the kitchen once a week (to call this a day) and curtains to wash twice a year. You can also arrange a printed plan or just make it a habit like washing dishes after meals. For example, the defrost and cleaning of the refrigerator, when there’s so much dirt and ice that he ceased to freeze. Forced Cleaning can be avoided if you regularly deal with urgent or current harvest.

The great danger of a forced cleaning is possible to damage property. When mild cleaner can not cope with the inveterate and grime, it is necessary to use more aggressive detergents and possibly abrasive. Because of this, you risk cause surface to be cleaned more damage and harm caused to her than herself dirt.